Debate has ensued among Malawians on social media over the naming of the yet to be completed Nkolokosa-Zion Road ‘The Getrude Mutharika Avenue’ with many criticizing it, saying its baseless.

Member of Parliament Blantyre City South Constituency Allan Ngumuya told Malawi News Agency (MANA) that he has decided to name the road as such because the road has come to fruition courtesy of the first lady who according to Ngumuya played a very huge role in seeing it constructed.

“It was in 2015 during International Women’s Day of Prayers when the First Lady attended prayers at Chimwankhunda Living Waters Church. I as an MP for the area was in attendance too.

So I asked the First Lady to tell the President that people in the area needed the road to be constructed. The First Lady confirmed that she saw how bad it was herself and therefore promised to tell the President about it.

“It took about a month before the official response came and in no time we saw Blantyre City Council and Eastern Construction Company running up and down on the road. In about 6-7 months the construction of the road was complete,” Ngumuya said.

Ngumuya’s decision has attracted debate on the social media with many criticizing the move.

Ayyam Jumah Abdul-salaam wrote: “Nonsense as if you will build the road with your pocket money , it’s for the public so don’t blind fold Malawians.”
Another concerned citizen wrote identified as Martin Mgwazo Njobvu wrote: “I think calling this a joke is an understatement! 😂 😂 ”

Concurring with Njobvu’s remarks, Francis Njaxie Njala warned the first couple to desist from putting on the shoes of Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe.

“The first couple, creating its own downfall. Pajatu comrade adagwa chifukwa cha mzimayi. Zimayamba chonchi,” he said.

On his part Abison Chitukula wrote: “Koma we have to be on our guard against Jezebels.”

Meanwhile debate on the matter continues.

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