One of the human right activists in the country Billy Mayaya has demanded for an explanation from CastelMalawi, formerly known as Carlsberg Malawi Limited Sobo Orange Squash following declaration that that the drink is unsafe for consumption.

Mayaya’s query follows a decision by CastelMalawi to recall over 18, 000 bottles of the squash for being unsafe for consumption.

It is said that some customers lodged a complaint to Malawi Bureau of Standard (MBS) that some of the products on the market is unsafe.

Some people, who have consumed the Sobo drink, said they had some stomach upsets.

In some cases the batch had started to show signs of fermentation – a process that converts sugar to acids, gases, or alcohol.

The development forced MBS to intervene on the matter hence the recall.

Writing on his official facebook page, Mayaya said the development is worrisome.

Concurring with Mayaya’s remarks, Gertrude Kabwazi wrote: “These guys are not serious. Sobo is a Malawi brand in the region. They are messing up everything in the name of change and profit. Can someone tell them hands off sobo please!”

Meanwhile debate continues on the matter.

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