Reports have revealed that Police in Chilumba the southern part of Karonga are depending on a Zambian witchdoctor, Ndodoyani’s power and knowledge in tracing criminal suspects.

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According source, the police in the area have so far arrested number of suspects through the development.

“After seeing that the suspect was denying, the police went to the witchdoctor together with the victim. While there, the witchdoctor revealed the identity of the suspect and they went back and arrest the said suspect who admitted stealing the cash of her client,”  source disclosed.

The source also said that the same witchdoctor, Ndodoyani cleansed a police house which was mainly used for the Officer in Charge (OC) at Chilumba police station that was suspected to have been charmed by one of the past OCs.

This reporter has established that number of OC at the station have not been using the said house due to the problem.

“At first the police hide one of the handcraft outside the office and asked the witchdoctor to trace of which he managed. He told then told the police that he knew that they were just testing his power and revealed the problems of the OC house and cleansed it. As I am talking, the current OC is staying in the said house without any problem. That is how the police knew that he is not an ordinary witchdoctor.”

Zambian witchdoctor has been given permanent land to cultivate and settle around Kasangamala area within Chilumba because of his work, according to our reliable source.

Ndodoyani is regarded as powerful and strong witchdoctor in the area.

Source failed to reach Karonga police spokesperson, George Mlewa for comment as mobile phone was not reachable.



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