A 26-year-old toy boy was mercilessly beaten by her 54-year-old sugar mummy after she caught him red handed making love with a girl.

According to reports circulating online, the incident happened yesterday, 16th January in Zambia`s capital of Lusaka where the sugar mummy who is only identified as Maggie lives.

It is said on that day, the sugar mummy went out for business as usual leaving her young boyfriend behind in her house. It happened that she had returned earlier than she was expected to return and found her young boyfriend and another young girl having sex in her own car.

Thereafter, she did not waste any time to call the police but instead she took laws into her hands by mercilessly beating the young helpless guy.

The young girl had on that time fled from the scene leaving the two sorting out matters in a violent way.

Below is the picture of the young guy before and after he was panel beaten.


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