By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the best lodges in the country has been expanded by adding Gardens where people can hold weddings, engagement, kitchen top-ups, church prayers just to mention but a few.

Gilongo Bamusi who is the Executive Director and the owner of Barotelli Lodge said he decided to expand the lodge to accommodate more customers than before.

‘I opened the lodge in 2012 and launched in 2017. I decided to expand to provide space to our customers to have weddings, engagement, church prayers, kitchen top-up besides providing entertainment to fans.

Barotelli Lodge has 20 rooms which 12 are self-contained while others non-self-contained. The price ranges from K3, 000(doubled side) K4, 500 (Doubled bed) and K6, 000 for family room.

The lodge is near Blantyre Teachers Training College. It has maximum security and has friendly workers with vast experience in all departments.

“Our aim of establishing Barotelli Lodge to provide cheapest accommodation with best food which is local,” he said.

To complete the lodge took 2 years from 2010 to 2012 and cost K30 million. Gilingo Bamusi promised his customers that he will maintain the same standards and will increase the customer care to attract more customers.

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