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Bushiri to Launch his Newly Built Five Star Hotel on his Birthday, Feb 20 (See Photos)


On the very same day that he shall be celebrating his birth, the flamboyant Prophet Bushiri is expected to launch his multi-million five star hotel in South Africa`s city of Rustenburg.

Reports say, the prophet spent only 8 months in building this lavish hotel known as “Sparkling Water Hotel and Spa” under SB Hotels which is just a body of his Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI).

The Hotel exists among 8 of his hotels built in different countries as per his belief to being a man with a vision and goals.

Speaking on the development, Bushiri said the launch on Tuesday next week will prove the fruits of believing in God and also working hard despite stormy weathers.

“It has been a difficult road and I met a lot of hiccups along the way, but I thank God for He has never, for one day deserted or failed me. I had faith that we would build this hotel to its finish and finally, these are the results,” he said.

The man of God added to urge fellow businessmen willing to run a successful business to involve God to take a huge part of all their plans.

“Don’t build with money, build with God. Don’t buy with cash- buy with faith,” he said.

Despite the next Tuesday being the great day for Major 1 to launch the hotel, the 20th February also happens to be Bushiri`s birthday hence the launch of the luxurious hotel will also be accompanied by birthday celebration.

Among others, the Sparkling Water and Spa Hotel has conference venues, spa, vintage homes and modern restaurants.



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