32-year-old man stabbed himself with a sharp knife as he was trying to prove that no knife could enter his body.

On 31 January, the man identified as Kondwani Kasewe was with some friends when he challenged them that his body was secured with charms and that no any knife can kill or injure him.

In the process, Kasewe withdrew a knife that he wanted to prove his claims with. According to Kasungu police deputy public relations officer Harry Namwaza, Kasewe spat on the knife several times then plunged it into his ribs and really the knife did not do any harm to him.

One of his friends identified as Aubrey Banda, took another knife and challenged Kasewe to try his magic once more.

Kasewe went on to spat on the knife and pierced it in his body but this time, his magic failed as a resulted the knife went through and injured him severely.

He was rushed to Kasungu District Hospital where he is receiving treatment while his friend, Banda has been released on bail as he was reported to police.

Kasewe comes from  Kafwafwa village, Traditional Authority Kalumo in Ntchisi district.

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