A Nigerian-American widower who intends to re-marry has placed an advert in a Newspaper, which saw him make a list of features he expects from a would-be wife.

the advert

Information available in the advertorial covered the preferences of the mysterious man in areas relating to age, height, education, complexion, where resided and employment.

According to the man, the prospect does not really have to be working. He claims he has made enough for both of them to spend, except if she insists on working.

The newspaper indicated that prospective partners looking to be considered can send a picture and phone number to a provided email address.

A level of confidentiality was observed by the advert placer in a bid to protect applicants.

A message at the bottom of the announcement reads,

“your response will be seen only by Widower: that’s a promise.”

This has portrayed the degree of openness by some people with an improved boldness concerning building romantic relationships.

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