A 40-year-old man in Mchinji district has been arrested and expected to answer the charge of murder after it was established that he killed his own cousin whom he caught having sex with his wife.

Police identified the suspect as 40-year-old Ezala Kamwendo and the deceased as Smith Timoti.

According to police reports, In September last year, the deceased`s younger brother identified as Lebiasi Timoti reported to police that his brother (the deceased) was missing.

A police investigation was launched until the suspect was arrested in January 2018.

Upon being quizzed at the police custody, the suspect revealed that he killed his cousin by strangulating his neck because he personally caught him having sexual intercourse with his wife in the month of September 2017 at Kuphazi village in the Area of Chief Katsabola in Mozambique about 5 kilometers from Malawi.

Malawian police worked hand to hand with Mozambican police and  visited the scene where the suspect claimed he had buried the deceased at Liwuye River in Mozambique.

Police allegedly exhumed the body of Timoti and found it in decomposed state.

Meanwhile, Kamwendo is waiting to appear in court to answer the charge of murder contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

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