Feston Kaphanya is the fourth born in the family of 9 children (4 boys and 5 girls) was born on November 19, 1970 in the village headman Chimvano in the area of Traditional Authority Makwangwala in Ntheu district.

Before establishing his own company in Blantyre, General Vision Screen Printers which is opposite Motel Paradise in Blantyre he was educated in many colleges within the country.

“ I started my school education at Chimvano, , Banda and Bwanje L.E.A all in Ntheu district. Then I enrolled my secondary education at Bilira in 1988 then Luwazi in Nkhata-Bay and Nyambadwe CDSS where I did my J.C.” he said.

After completing his Junior Certificate he enrolled at Soche Technical College where he did Book keeping (Accounting) course.

He then went back to secondary school and completed his form 4 education at Tutorial Private Secondary school in Ndirande Township.

“After passing my MSCE education I worked at Chris Offset screen printers while them I also enrolled at the polytechnic Board of Governance where I did my Printing Technician certificate,” said General Vision Screen Printers boss.

He said due to financial challenges he quits school and landed on a job at CLAIM MABUKU while there he also enrolled at SharWorld University where he obtained Advanced Diploma in Business Administration in 1997.

“After working 5 years with CLAIM I dumped them and establishing my printing company, General Vision Screen Printers on February 15, 2001,” he said.

He is married to Mart ha and has five children a boy and 4 girls. His company prints materials such as Umbelleras, Banners, Posters, T-Shirts, Caps, Work suits, Overalls just to mention but a few.

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