By Robert Kumwenda

One of the commissioner’s at the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) commissioner Dr Jean Namathamga has said there shall be no favoritism for people that will be employed in the run up to tripartite elections in 2019.

Commissioner Namathamga said this during the closing ceremony for orientation of master of trainers in Blantyre which was held under the theme ‘delivering credible elections through competent and professional staff.

She said no one should not take advantage over the other because he or she has a relation at MEC saying that only those who have passed the exams are the ones that will be called because they are moving on a credible process.

“As you can see some of the electoral staff are not here because they did not do well in previous exams and we have noted that it was one of the factors leading the body not to deliver the elections in the credible manner in the past,” she said.

Namathanga warned the participants if they have any political ambitions to leave the electoral body sooner because MEC is not where they can come and practice politics.

She further said that the success of general elections rely on a collective effort for everyone.

Speaking at the same function Chief Elections Officer at MEC Sammy Njiramadzi Alfandika they will react after assessing all the presentations and exams, only those who have passed will be called back for further training be it for campaign, polling or voter education.

He urged the participants to show some zeal and determination if they will be successful.

One of the participants at the training Davis Kunondo assured MEC senior officials that they are ready to improve on their day to day work and that they will share the knowledge which they have acquired with fellow friends in the districts.

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