Complications will never seize at Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) as it has now become a habit that their customers are frequently being told of the company`s upgrading system excuses that in the end affects customers`s daily lives.

The recent excuse is that of Mpamba pin change that many customers across the nation have been disturbed with.

Just earlier this month, TNM communicated with their customers that they are migrating to a new improved Mpamba system as a result Mpamba service won’t be accessible during the period.

Customers were also told that they would be required to reset their Mpamba pin from a five digit number to a 4 digit number afterwards.

Tnm Blantyre branch filled with people in efforts to get their sim registered and also get their mpamba pin reseted

However, the outcome has not been as simple as it looked in the first place as the whole Mpamba pin reset process keeps on tripping thereby causing distress to many of the customers whose money is at their Mpamba account and not being able to be accessed.

Below are the complains that concerned customers have since raised on TNM`s Facebook page over their Mpamba pin-change system failure.

Sebastian Kopolo wrote, “When i reset the pin this is the message”failed the # missing AGContext.Response error. Error parametervalue## parameter is incorrect.”

Kondwani Chris Banda also posted a screenshot of what he`s been receiving in an effort to change his pin with a caption that reads, “After following the process why are we still having such messages below. What are we not doing it right? Please urgently assist.”

Emmanuel Chiwanda cried over his money by commenting, “Zikukanika zanuzi. Pin yafika koma kuti ndisinthe ikungoti “all connections are in use”. Mundibwezera zanga.”

Also Richie Privilege Bvumbwe said,So mukuti mwathana nazo za ma upgrading where this msgs are coming from. Tnm be serious at once.”

Below is the message Richie Privilege Bvumbwe was receiving

Another customer by the name Kim Zaula Yassin wrote, Zobalalika zokha zokha ndiye why ur not sending us number yosinthira pin yo ma company aku malawi zinthu zimakuvutani bwanji ,,, mumafulumira kupanga announce zinthu musanakonzeke. Shut up!.”

Meanwhile, people have been taking their complaints to all TNM branches in efforts to get their Mpamba pin numbers done and also register their sim cards.



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