Zambia`s opposition politician Sean Tembo, who is the founder and Leader of Zambia`s Patriots for Economic (PEP) party has condemned the government`s ban on sex dolls stating that the ban is a violation of rights to other people who feel like the sex dolls are good for them.

According to the BBC Africa Live page, Tembo was responding to the country`s Minister for National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumahili, who previously said that the government of Zambia will not sit back for society to be threatened by destructive addiction to these sex toys.

a sex doll

“What the Honourable Minister of Religious Affairs is trying to do by wrongly threatening those that wish to purchase sex dolls, is that she is trying to impose her personal values on the rest of our citizens, which is a violation of both the bible and our republican constitution, which encourages and protects an individual’s right to exercise free will, “Tembo said.

“It must be noted that salvation is an individual choice and must not be imposed by the state,” he added.

Previously, police in Zambia warned that they will arrest any one found in possession of sex dolls as keeping such materials is an offence in Zambian Laws.

The arrival of sex robots has divided opinions. Sex dolls Inventors argue they can potentially replace prostitutes, reduce sex trafficking and help lonely people, while critics say they objectify women and normalize sexism and rape culture.

However, Roboticists continue to develop these robots,  some of which talk and respond to touch through AI technology.



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