Despite the fact that there hasn’t been a notable improvement since the diesel power generators were put into operation in the country, the Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) has went on to spend over US$9 million on ten other generators which will be installed at Mapanga Substation in Commercial city of Blantyre.

Powered Generators

The generators arrived on Wednesday at Mapanga substation and are expected to add in 20 megawatts to the country’s national grid with each one supplying 2 megawatts.

Public relations officer for EGENCO, Moses Gwaza disclosed that the installation of the ten generators shall come to its completion at the end of April hence they are expected to start functioning in May this year.

Public relations officer for EGENCO, Moses Gwaza

Gwaza added that this will mark as the second phase as the first six megawatts generators were installed in Mzuzu.

“These gensets are different from those installed in Mzuzu because these ones will be installed in a power house unlike Mzuzu generators which can be installed anywhere since they are containerized,” he said.

According to Gwaza, the country will soon witness arrival of five more generators producing 10 megawatts and they shall be installed in the capital Lilongwe following the first and the second phases of Mzuzu and Blantyre respectively.

Last year, non-governmental organization took to the streets to protest against persistent blackouts the country has been struggling with.

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