There are two sets of humans, the ‘irresponsible or bad’ ones and the ‘responsible or good ones’. While a lot of us would rather settle for the good ones, there are quite a lot of others who seem to take a liking to the obviously irresponsible ones.

It’s not entirely clear as to the reason this is so, but we will try to analyse why we think it happens.


The truth is, a lot of bad boys are very smooth with their game, so much that you don’t know what’s really going on most of the time. They have such admirable charisma that they can sell a lie very convincingly even when you know the truth.

They know what to say and when to say it to sweep women off their feet.


Of course, you can’t measure strength by appearance and demeanor, but sometimes, they can be deceiving, so much that you do. There are loads of good guys who are stronger than the said bad guys, but women won’t see it because they don’t look the part.

The need to be with a strong man is born out of the need to feel protected. Women love that, so it’s sometimes easier to impress them under that guise.


This may not apply to all women, but a good number of them want men who can spend money without holding back. The typical good boy spends responsibly, but the opposite of them spend with reckless abandon. It is appealing to some women.


They say, “birds of a feather flock together.” If I’m used to a certain lifestyle, and I want to date, I’d naturally go for someone who leads the same lifestyle because I want to have a smooth relationship.

Take clubbing for example; women who like to party hard would naturally want to hang around guys who fancy the same because they know that having someone who doesn’t share in their lifestyle might ruin their fun.


Well, bad boys don’t have a limit. They do not understand what it means to slow down. They try everything they can, and that can be attractive to a lot of women, especially if they seek adventure.

Regardless of the aforementioned, there couldn’t be anything better than having a partner you can trust to respect and love you always. Good boys are far better than bad boys; do not believe the hype. Be with a good man, and be treated like a queen that you are.


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