Embattled Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma has defended her move to torch the Party’s regalia after her resignation.

Nkhoma announced his resignation on Friday last after a long battle with the Party’s leader Dr. Lazarus Chakwera who she accused of being undemocratic.

After her resignation, the social media was awash with photo showing her torching the Party’s regalia placed in a plastic bucket. The photo attracted mixed reactions with many people accusing her of going too far.

Others even went further by asking her to apologies to MCP.

Witing on his official facebook page Chizanja Nkhoma defended her move saying she owe anyone no apology.

“Let me make it clear here that I make no apologies for burning the mcp paraphernalia because I meant what I did because I no longer wish to be associated with this demonic institution which is promoting breaking of all the 10 Commandments of God .

There is a God I serve and what is happening here is contrary to His Kingdom living.

“To be honest there are many things that are being done to party materials around the country because if you go down to the masses, it’s just a piece of clothing like any other except it’s used for identity to a political grouping or church,” wrote Nkhoma.

She added: “Now all this hullabaloo being made insinuates that this cloth is treated as a deity and I for one, am not an idol worshipper.

“The days when one is thrown into a crocodile farms as lunch for so called defiling party paraphernalias are long gone.”

Effort to talk to MCP spokesperson of the matter proved futile.

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