Jealousy and bitterness cost Hlengiwe Ndaba her beauty and a whole lot more.

Hlengiwe Ndaba

The 38-year-old from Denver hostel in Joburg was poured with acid on her face by her ex lover after two years of being separated.

“He chased me out of his place in 2014, around 1pm in the afternoon and around 3pm neighbours called to tell me that another woman was moving in. I was happy because I thought I was finally free from all the abuse and drama”

Little did Hlengiwe know that her ex lover would come back after two years and do something that would change her life forever.

Her ex disguised himself as a woman to get Hlengiwe’s attention.

After that he poured her face with acid and tried to make her drink it but she managed to fight him off.

“From that day I knew my life would take a drastic turn. I lost my job and no one wants to employ me. I was the sole bread winner at home and 5 people had to drop out of school because I could no longer support them.”

Meanwhile, Hlengiwe is pleading with local well-wishers to help her face fixed so she can get a job and continue supporting her family.


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