A 54-year-old husband got the shock of his life after he realized that the wife whom he has been sharing the same bed with had secretly legally divorced him.

It is reported that Abel Legodi from Boksburg, South Africa discovered the shocking news last week that his wife Jacobeth had divorced him in 2010 and changed her surname legally at the home affairs department.

Abel and his wife, Jacobeth Legodi during their happy days

He told Daily Sun that his wife of 26 years had broken his heart.

“I was at work when I received a decree of divorce letter saying I was divorced in absentia because I ran away from her years ago,” said Abel. “She told the courts we had not been together since 2005, which was a lie.”

Abel said when he confronted his wife she confirmed she had divorced him and said it was because he was irresponsible and abusive.

He said they fought a lot over the fact that he spent most of his time away in Mpumalanga, where he worked as a bus driver for a mining company. Jacobeth told Daily Sun: “He is dishonest and a serial cheater.

“Whenever he goes to work, he gets a girlfriend and engages in sexual activities. Several times I have found condoms in his pockets.”

Jacobeth said Abel often came home after midnight or even as late as dawn.

“Even if I needed him, he would push me away and face the other side of the bed,” she said.

According to Daily Sun, an attorney said it is unlikely that divorce could happen without a partner being issued a decree of divorce. He said once a divorce had been completed by the court, it’s a long process to undo.

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