A Tanzanian pastor is making headlines as he claims that he cannot preach while his feet are on the ground in fear of loosing his gifts of preaching.

the pastor during one of his sermons 

Pictures of the pastor during a sermon have also emerged and shared on social networks.

Media reports show that the pastor, who has not been named, claims that his anointing will leave him when his feet touch the ground.

The pictures show him being carried around on people’s backs and also show him stepping on their backs while they kneel.

Recently, pastors and prophets, have been in the spotlight for performing miracles including making people eat grass and drink petrol.

A South African prophet also made his congregants eat a live snake and weaves.

Also a week ago, another South African self-styled prophet who sprayed his followers with the insecticide, Doom, was found guilty and sentenced for assault charges.


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