By Robert Kumwenda

After holding a series of interface meetings with students from different institutions of higher learning in the country Umodzi Party is hold another interface meeting with students from Blantyre International University (BIU) this Saturday.

Public Relations for the party Pemphero Mphande said the meetings are part of public relations project to create a network of young people across Malawi under Umodzi Party which will extend to all districts of Malawi with a similar function.

“The meetings have been arranged to serve as a platform where young people can be engaged in a unity building process whose goal is a better Malawi.Through these platforms, we in UP can learn about the needs of a diverse young people from different social and political backgrounds while young people can also learn about UP’s ideology,” he said.

Mphande said this is therefore a political process of sharing info so that as the electorate and concerned citizens, can make informed decisions.
He said fo so long this country has sang the “ empowering the youth” song but it has only remained a public stunt to win votes, the youth continue to be unemployed, neglected and used as dancing patrons at political gatherings.

“UP has made job creation as a key agenda alongside education and justice for all. Through issues raised from the meetings we will see how to shape our policies in a continuing bi-lateral process of discussions and incorporating all views of young people so that those that are interested should register to join the party and a committee of readers to lead BIU team,” he said.

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Robert Ngwira
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