By Steven Godfrey Mkweteza

One of the women political empowerment agencies in the country, the 50-50 campaign management agency says the battle for the women political empowerment can be won if only the campaigners target the rural masses.

The agency’s communications expert Wisdom Chimgwede said in an interview during the information sessions that the agency organized for the prospective campaigners in the southern region.

Chimgwede said the battle has failed to achieve the intended objective because the campaigners target the cities as opposed to the rural settings.

“campaigners should change the trend on the mindset of people by among others, broaden their base by targeting the rural masses. This is an area that has been neglected for a long time,” he said.

Chimgwede also advised the campaigners to address the social -cultural issues that impede on the battle to progress successfully.

In an interview, the executive director for pan African civic educators network{PACENET} Steve Duwa described the approach as very realistic as it would boost the interest of the people at the local level.

Duwa however observed that the initiative has been on the snail’s pace because of the fluctuation of funding to trickle down to the rural masses.
“The need is there but we have to look into several factors such as donor funding and the network to access the rural masses,” he said

The 50-50 campaign management agency has been mandated through the ministry of gender, children and disability and social welfare to run the campaign in a bid to increase the women participation in the political affairs of the country.

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