A 21-year-old sex worker in Phalombe district has been handed a two and a half year jail term for assaulting and wounding her two clients over a failed payment after sex.

The convict has been identified as Dyna Nangwale while her victims as 18-year-old Gift Tchulani and 23-year-old Smart Fukuza who both hail from Namata village in the area of Traditional authority Kaduya in Phalombe.

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According to Phalombe Police Spokesperson Constable Innocent Moses, the incident happened on 2 April at Green City Bar in Migowi.

It is alleged that one of the victims booked the prostitute for sex and failed to settle his bill afterwards. Thereafter, the woman became furious and assaulted them and also wounded one of them by pulling his private part.

She was arrested and charged with unlawful wounding which she has since been found guilty of.

Nangwale comes from Mandawala village in the same district of Phalombe.


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