A Christian man has recently received a shock of his life after the church committee expelled him from church for dedicating so much of his time in praying.

According to Times of Swaziland, Njabulo Dlamini disclosed that praying for a long time is not something he could control as he was commanded by the Holy Spirit.

“Most of the time when I pray, the Holy Spirit is showing me something bad that is attacking the church and needs powerful prayer,” he said.

He said he used to arrive at the church at around 10 before the start of the main service at 11 and start praying and worshipping for an hour when others are at their homes.

He was doing this as an intercessor and saw nothing wrong as it was practised in a number of churches which were directed by the ‘Holy Ghost’.

Dlamini said at times he would pray as the pastor takes to the pulpit, something that was despised by some of the church authorities.

“I did this to lay a foundation for the pastor who would be preaching the word of God and without disrespect,” Dlamini told Times of Swaziland.

He continued saying the church has not at any point reprimanded him or told him about any rules that needed to be adhered to.

According to Dlamini, most of the congregants at the church were very stereotypical and too relaxed. He said they did not give themselves time to be in God’s presence.


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