A South African man has publicly shared his story to story in a bid to encourage all men who look down upon themselves that they cannot manage to love and take care of beautiful women due to their low pockets.

Below is the story that was shared through SABC TV

I met my wife when I was 31, I only had mattress, i had no job. In short, i was a laughing stock in my community.

She was 22, she had been voted one of the most beautiful celebrities in SA alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, she was in magazine covers and she was doing her final year at The University of Johannesburg.

When we went out with friends, she would give me her card so I am the one that swipes, just so people don’t see just how broke I was 😂 moer! I was broke and just as broken.

I brought all that chaos into her life, she fell pregnant and left Varsity, we moved into a room in Cosmo City then moved to Polokwane for a year. They talked about how she had failed, how I was a mistake.

5 years later, I have graduated twice, we run own Deep Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control business and we have two permanent staff members. Our kids go to decent schools. Our cars are paid up. She has her diploma, she works for a national radio station and Khumbulekhaya on SABC 1 simultaneously.

And she is an extraordinary mother. We are marching on, and building that life we dreamt off while in that small room we lived in slowly and brick by brick. I am not saying that our relationship is perfect or that we do not have trials and disagreements, I am saying that we love each other and we are growing in spite of that..

She gave me life and she gave me hope when she didn’t need to. When it wasn’t her responsibility to, she could have been anywhere in the world but she chose to be with me. Today is dedicated to selfless women everywhere, to builders, to love.

We don’t tell you nearly enough how much we love you and appreciate everything that you are to us. Thank you to each of you. Thank you Boledi Makofane for never giving up on me. You are my constant love, I would kill two bulls for you.

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