By: Robert Kumwenda

Malawians have been asked to vote for Umodzi Party leader Professor John Chisi in 2019 tripartite elections to end the social economic challenges the country is facing.

The call was made by the Director of Women for UP Grace Fonseka at a political rally which the party’s president addressed at Mudi ground in Lunzu in the area of group village Makata.

He said the UP leader has the welfare of the people at heart and he has a good vision for the country.

“Professor John Chisi is a well-educated man and he grew up here Malawi and he knows the problems people face in the village and he has a good record,” he said.

Fonseka said women are the one who are suffering so much in this country and they make a larger part of the population of this country.

Fonseka sentiments were echoed by Treasure General of the party Ndezu Nyirenda who also urged the people who came to the rally that they should not be afraid of anyone but vote for the one who speaks the truth.

He said people of this country have been cheated by politicians who have ruled this country and they still live in abject poverty after getting independence for fifty three years.

“Professor John Chisi wants the youth to take up positions in this country that is the reason why he gave me this position which other political parties is given to older people,” he said.

He said there is no leader that can bring in new ideas for the country to develop apart from the UP leader.

The politicians who have ruled this country have failed us and there nothing new they can bring in to move this country out of poverty, it is now time for us to thing wisely and vote for the UP leader because he has ideas as well as good vision for this country, he said.

He said Malawians cannot continue to rely on recycled politicians who move from party to party to serve their own selfish desires at the expense of ordinary Malawians in the village.

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