Police in Chitipa have advised all drunkards to desist from consuming beer with an empty stomach following the death of a 43-year-old man who has died after drinking locally brewed kachasu beer without eating.

a man tasting Kachasu beer

Chitipa Police Public relations officer Sergeant Gladwell Simwana has identified the deceased as Justone Nyodo who died during the night of 1st May to 2nd May in Ifumbo area in the district.

According to Simwana, on the morning of 1st May, the deceased woke up early to Ifumbo primary school for village development work.

“After work at 1100hours, the deceased together with other three friends went to ifumbo Trading Centre where they started drinking kachasu beer. They drunk up to 1800hrs,then left for home,” said Simwana.

It is said the deceased was thereafter found dead on the following morning along a stream which is 100 metres from his home.

He was taken to Ifumbo Health Centre where a postmortem revealed the death was due to lack of food in the body.

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