Law enforcers in Mzimba district are hunting for unknown man who dumped his motorcycle with a 50kg bag of Indian hemp in a bid to escape an arrest.

According to Mzimba police station public relations officer Peter Botha, the incident occurred on May 1 at Chasefu Trading Centre at around 1800hrs.

During that time, the man was riding unregistered motorcycle which had carried a 50kg bag of Indian hemp.

“Upon arrival at Chasefu Trading Centre he saw Court messenger of Emfeni court who was coming from the opposite direction but in uniform hence the suspect thought he was police officer. After he set his eye on the court messenger, he quickly dropped the motorcycle with a bag of sativa and run away,” explained Botha.

Botha added that the motorcycle and the bag of Indian hemp are all being kept at police station as police have launched an investigation to apprehend the culprit.

Once found, he will answer charges of Found in possession of Indian hemp which contravenes section 19 of the Dangerous drug act.



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