There was drama at a mining area of Mazowe in Zimbabwe where a clerk was reportedly caught pants down making out with his colleagues’ wife in a Blair toilet.

An eye witness confessed that the clerk responsible for engineering department only identified as M.Makanjera allocated his colleague, Bester Mustafa a tractor driver night duties in a bid to see his wife during his absents.

Unfortunately diesel allegedly ran out on both the mine and Mazowe service station resulting in Mustafa being sent back home where he witnessed the shock of his life.

“When the driver was sent back home he saw his door unlocked and thought his wife had gone to see her friends hence he relaxed.

Minutes later he thought of visiting the toilet upon entering he was shocked to see his wife having unprotected sex with Makanjera,” said the source.

Makanjera confirmed the incident saying it was just an unfortunate incident which is yet to be heard in court.

“I can just say it was an unfortunate incident so we are waiting to go to Chief Chiweshe for trial,” he said.

Both Mustafa and his wife could not be reached for comment though the wife is reported to have gone to her parents the very night she was caught.


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