Reports coming from Ntchisi indicate that police have arrested a woman for allegedly assaulting another lady on suspicion that she was going out with her husband.

picture illustrating the assault incident

Ntchisi Police Spokesperson Gladson M’bumpha identified the suspect as 19-year-old Edna Ahammad and the suspected husband’s secret lover as Liana Lifeyo.

It is alleged that the suspect overhead her husband having an intimate phone conversation with the victim. Following that, the suspect failed to hold back her temper such that she went straight to the victim’s house where she seriously wounded her with a glass bottle.

Police later arrested the suspect and she is expected to answer charges of unlawful wounding.

The suspect hails from Mtawa village in the area of traditional authority Chikoko in Ntchisi and the victim comes from Malomo village in the same area of traditional authority Chikoko.


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