By: Robert Kumwenda

The number of people that are joining opposition Umodzi Party (UP) is said to increasing in the lower shire districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje.
Connex Kathewere regional governor for UP in Chikwawa disclosed this to face of Malawi in an interview.

He said the party is moving forward such that it has more than one more hundred areas unlike in the past where they were starting where there were only two areas.

“So far we have conducted six political party rallies where close to seventy chiefs were in attendance. Time has come for us in UP to work together and we will be conducting political party rallies regularly strengthen the party,” he said.

Kathewere said that they need not to rely on the president of the party Professor John Chisi to conduct political meetings but it is the duty of everyone in the party adding that there is no doubt that the party is going into government whether someone likes it or not come 2019.

“We expect to have more members of parliament and ward councilors to present our party in parliament and in district councils in 2019 to ensure that development projects flourishes at the grass root level,” he said.

Concurring with Kathewere, Florence Nyumale member of task force for the party in Chikwawa and Nsanje said the problem that was preventing the party to grow previously was that they were electing the very same people who had no new vision and ideas.

She said now people have realized that they need change and they are electing new people with new ideas.

“We will work hand in hand amongst ourselves to bring change in Malawi because there is security lapse in the country as people are being killed frequently in Chikwawa,” she said.

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