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5 Reasons Women have Saggy Breasts / How to Avoid It

saggy breasts

Saggy breasts are very common among a lot of women. Just the way you have women who have firm ones, there are those whose breasts have lost its firmness.

saggy breasts

The thing about saggy breasts though is that not many women are born to have them. They often come as a result of the kind of lifestyle they choose. In other words, the breast of a woman doesn’t have to be saggy at any point unless she isn’t doing something right.

So what are those things that are responsible for women having saggy breasts? And how can one avoid theirs from degenerating to that point? The following should help answer that question.


It’s like the concertina; the moment you leave it, the tiny rings just get saggy. When a woman gains weight, every part of her body gains weight too, including her breasts. When she decides to shed that weight, naturally, every part of her shrinks too, including her breasts. This is one of the reasons a lot of women have saggy breasts. To avoid the complications involved here, simply watch what you eat, to avoid gaining weight in the first place.


Smoking is one sure way to quickly get saggy breasts. The reason is simple – smoking breaks down protein in the skin, thus causing it to lose its elasticity. What that means is that the less elastic your skin is, the saggier it gets. To avoid this, quitting cigarette smoking is the best advice.


Not wearing a bra exposes your breasts to quick sagging because it means they wouldn’t have any sort of support. Over time, they may lose their elasticity too, and become less firm. In the same vein, using the wrong bra is as bad as not using any because your breasts get little or no support. So always get the right one. If you don’t know your size, ask the dealer to help. Not using a bra isn’t an option.


Healthy exercise can increase the metabolism of the skin, and thus, enhance its firmness. When you do not exercise, you just expose yourself to ill health, and it’s easier for your breasts to get saggy. It’s also important to avoid overdoing high impact exercise routines so as not to degrade collagen, and get quick saggy breasts.


Firm skin is moisturized skin. The breasts need to be healthy enough and hydrated to stay firm and free from sagging.

If you often use moisturizers, do not forget your breasts and your lap area and always drink lots of water.

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