By Robert Kumwenda

Chancellor College Umodzi Party (UP) wing president James Lihoma has given out the reasons for joining UP wing saying as college students are suffering to pay high tuition fee, accommodation expenses and buying meals day in and out Professor John Chisi promises to eradicate when he comes to power come 2019.

He said not only that, in UP the youth have been given higher positions for example Pemphero Mphande who is just 25 years old was trusted with keeping the image of the party as Public Relations Officer rather than using the youth for moralo and violence.

“Here in UP we say no to politics of hooliganism, they say chuluke chuluku ngwa njuchi umanene iyo yakuluma for me it was nothing else but we thought for sighted and visionary manifesto of UP which puts the livelihoods of Malawians first,” he said.

He said UP Chanco wing was launched February this year saying that at first they did not manage to get the majority of students because more students opt for politics of handouts which is not part and parcel of UP.

The UP Chanco wing president said despite this he does not blame the students because they in UP understands that every human being is an economic being rather they blame the system that has impacted poverty on the students, hence brain washing their mindset about politics.

So many might be wondering that if we did not make it on the campus what are we doing? He said the answer is nothing else rather than that UP Chanco wing was set to selling up the brand in Zomba and surrounding areas.

“So in other words we can say Chanco wing is vehment for UP in Zomba district and the whole eastern region, so far the union is taking its steps at the campus and with the reception it shows that there is much hope and people received the party’s ideologies,” he said.

Lihoma said the reason why the party coaxed with the students is nothing else but the fact the party pillars are belt on.

“Just as a reminder UP pillars are education, employment and justice for all, after the students were brought to the limelight of the manifesto by Profs PRO and Towela Chisi , they realized that UP is really giving a new change to the lives of the youth populace in the country,” he said.

In Conclusion he said he would like to encourage fellow youth to say no to politics of handouts and holiganism saying that it is time for us to wake up and start making decisions about our present which will shape our future into a better place we all fantasize about.

“Remember the future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination,” he said.

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