By Robert Kumwenda

Opposition Umodzi Party (UP) president Professor John Chisi has bashed Vice President Saulos Chilima over his reasons to leave the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The UP leader said the reasons that Chilima said are not convincing because he has been in the same government for four good years but he remained quiet and never said anything.

“He is not the very same person who led the pastoral letter encouraging people to demonstrate against the same government which is part of and all the problems that have been in government he was there, why is he coming up now to provide solutions?,” wandered Chisi.

Chisi said he feels bad for young people who are following Chilima because he has never advocated enough to make a different.

The UP leader further said Malawians never knew Chilima until the incumbent President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika picked him as his running mate in 2014 tripartite elections.

“There were issues of electricity, university closure, corruption and governance issues he never said anything why is he coming up now he has showed that he is coward,” he said.

Chisi added that Chilima has showed that if elected to be a leader he will dish us all because he has failed to provide solutions for the past four years he has been in government.

Recently, the Vice President Saulos Chilima announced that he is leaving the DPP citing high levels of corruption among others.

Those who are supporting him to stand for the presidential ticket said they will encourage him to stand because they believe that he can win the 2019 polls.

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