Police in Kasungu have arrested a 51 year-old man for indulging in anal sex with his 12 year-old step son and also defiling his 15 year-old step daughter.

Kasungu Police Public Relations Officer, Edna Mzingwitsa identified the suspect as Kawale Mazolowondo who is alleged to have committed the offences during the month of May, 2018.

It is reported that Mazolowondo requested his wife, Hanna Phiri, 52 that due to her old age, she should allow him to be having sexual activities with his 15 year-old step daughter as the wife could not satisfactorily meet his sexual demands.

In order to save her marriage, the wife agreed and Mazolowondo started defiling his step daughter to satisfy his sexual errands.

According to Mzingwitsa, it is also alleged that Mazolowondo had been forcing a brother to the step daughter he was defiling to engage with him also in homosexual activities.

Mzingwitsa said the boy once reported the matter to her mother who kept ignoring, and then the boy decided to leave the house and started wondering around until some of the community members who knew the boy tipped Ganizani Phiri, a Volunteer Child Protection Officer.

Upon interviewing the boy it is when all the cases were uncovered then Phiri reported the matter to police who arrested Mazolowondo.

Mzingwitsa added that both victims were given medical reports for medical checkup where the results indicated both were defiled and sodomized by the suspect.

Mazolowondo has been charged with Sodomy contrary to section 153(a) and Defilement contrary to section 138 of the penal code and will appear before court soon when police enquiries are completed.

He comes from Chizolowondo village in the area of Traditional Authority Chakhaza in Dowa district.

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