Malawians have applauded the State Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima for dumping the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) under President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

On Wednesday Chilima dropped a choker in the capital Lilongwe when he openly said he will soon leaving the ruling DPP.

Chilima also declared that he will not challenge President Mutharika at the party’s convention scheduled for this month.

The decision taken by Chilima attracted mixed reactions with many applauding him for quitting the party which embroiled with corruption scandals.

Writing on facebook one of the concerned citizen identified as Blessings Ben Ngaunje said: “We are in a democratic country so leaving DPP is his choice to make and it’s a right one. With the condition in the party one has to step down and watch from a far what’s next move rather than forcing things/membership for selfish reasons as many are doing in the party. That shows how ready he is to make decisions on his own as a leader.”

Another citizen identified as Douglas Khofi wrote: “What do you expect from a man who has been sidelined for a long time. His political future remains intact and I propose that in the future, those appointed as VPs should sign a memorandum of understanding with their presidents. We are tired of this nosense of being used and dumped!

“This man had a good job and was happy but was coaxed to join politics only to be abused. He is a man of vision and worth a leader but he lacks a good chance to prove it. Wa pakaliyala saimba belu. He has a future if he plays his cards well.”

On his part Jack Kavala said: “He’s done well because he doesn’t like corruption and dpp is the most corrupt party. According to his speech, i guess his future plans are to form his own party or to go ahead with the CHILIMA MOVEMENT.”

Concurring with Kavala’s remarks Mwana Wa Catherine Ngalande said: “What a brave step Dr Chilima has made, we need leaders like him in malawi, let him join and support a party he feels has leaders like him, but for him to form a new party i feel its too late now.”

Meanwhile Chilima is yet to take next move in politics.

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  1. It is obvious that Chilima has decided to jump ship after discovering that his ambitions to become the next CEO of our country are being hampered by the APM loyalists.

    While most of the accusations that Chilima has made against the very same govt that he has been part of for the past 4 years may be true, it also important that we should not forget that he is not a saint either.

    We all remember that it was Chilima’s top body guard Moses Kuchingale who was caught pants down impersonating an electoral commission officer in a quest to rig the Mchinji by elections apparently at the orders of his boss.

    And although the Electoral commission found Moses Kuchingale guilty of the offence, he was never arrested let alone imprisoned for it, who was protecting this bad guy, Well your guess is just as good as mine.

    And guess what, Moses is still working for Chilima as a top personal body guard…… is Chilima a saint…..absolutely not…..

    If Chilima want us to believe him he must tell us. all the details of the corruption allegations he has made against his boss ……….give us names and evidence so Malawians can get their money back…

  2. If you compare Chilima and Chaponda the former is lesser crooked than the later.Politicians have never bn smart and clean but Chaponda is 2much.


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