A girl who was believed to have died two years ago shocked people when she re-appeared and returned to her parent’s home.

the girl who was believed dead

The incident is said to have happened this week in Masala town in Ndola, Zambia.

The girl, whose name was given only as Winnie, reportedly died of an illness and her body was deposited in the morgue.

She was later buried at Mitingo cemetery and her family came to live with the pain of the loss.

However, the community was left shocked this week when the same girl returned home. The girl told her family that it was a banana tree that was buried, not her.

Hundreds of residents gathered at the Central Police where the parents and the girl were kept as they waited for a DNA test to be authorized and conducted on the girl.

The girl’s death certificate and birth certificate were also tendered to the police to assist in the investigation.


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