The mystery of the resurrected Zambian girl has taken another twist as another family has emerged claiming that she’s their daughter.

The country’s Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confirmed the development to The Independent Observer in an interview.

the girl who was believed dead

Ms Katanga said another family has come up and identified the said girl as their child.

She said an identification parade was conducted where the girl was asked to identify who are real parents are.

“Paradoxically, the girl pointed at another family too as her parents and was able to identify them by names including other relatives who had accompanied the second family.

“Police has continued with investigations and spicemen has since been taken from parents including the purported resurrected girl to determine who the right parents are and whether the girl is Winnie. We are mindful that the same girl identified the first family very well,” she said.

The girl, Winnie caused shock among Zambian citizens on Tuesday in Ndola after appearing home when she died in 2016 and was buried.

Upon arrival from the grave, Winnie told her family that she was not the one who they buried adding that it is satanists who took her hostage.

Police yesterday exhumed remains of the allegedly buried Winnie for the purpose of conducting DNA to determine whether or not it’s not her who was buried.

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