By Orchestra Kamanga

After successfully launched poetry festival in December 20, last year at Blantyre Culture Centre formerly known as French Cultural Centre (F.C.C), country’s renown artists held another festival at Robins Park as one way of promoting Malawian culture through poetry.

The poetry festival was held under the banner: “Magic of words and power of reasoning” and it was held in recognition of the legend artist Michael Sauka, composer of the Malawi National Anthem.

One of the festival organizers Sylvester Kalizang’oma said he was very impressed with the audience overwhelming  response and they was no hindrance despite that they were many activities during the weekend.


“Our main focus of holding these festivals every year in the month of July is to expose the skills and talents of budding (upcoming ) artists  and promote Malawian culture in the country through poetic recital ,” he said.

The sponsor of the poetry festivals, Elder Babangoni Chisale who is also an artist and the Managing Director of Bayete Natural herbal Nutri Therapy which is opposite MTL thanked the fans for showing up to patronize the festival in large numbers and he promised to continue with the sponsorship.

Some of the notable artists who recited their poems include Hudson Chamasowa, Mada Nyambo, Wokomaatani Malunga, Hoffman Aipira, Titi Mkumbila.

Malipenga dance from Chichiri Cultural Troupe was some of the activities which spiced the festival.


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