By Robert Kumwenda

As Malawi is going to next polls on 20th May 2019, more people have started showing interest to contest in various positions to develop their areas.
This is because some of the people that were voted in previous elections have failed to bring development projects at the grass root as well as presenting the needs of their constituencies to parliament at national level.

That is the reason why a youthful young man who works as administrative officer for Umodzi Party (UP) by the name Arnold Khondiwa has shown interest to stand a ward councilor in South Lunzu Ward in Machinjiri.

He said he has decided to stand as ward councilor because there is no meaningful development in the area despite it being in the city.

“The area does not have a good market and there are poor roads as a youth l want to bring change by bringing in access to safe drinking water because people are drinking unsafe water, not only that l also want end the malpractices in the way ticket sales for market fees are handled,” he said.

Khondiwa added that he has a project where he will bring in adult literature schools in the area saying that the aim is make sure that women who do Banki Ya Mmudzi Mkhonde should learn and use their money wisely.

UP administrative officer further said that he wants fellow youth to be active in various activities rather than just staying idle and indulge themselves in malpractices.

“l want to bring in projects than will empower my fellow youth, another issue is that l have got plans to bring back the court which was burnt because people in the area are finding it difficult to have their cases be trialed in Blantyre,” he said.

Khondiwa said once voted as a shadow councilor for the area come 2019 he will make sure that this is done.

On the same development a number of various stakeholders are encouraging the youth and women to take part in various positions for the next elections considering that they are the ones who are heavily affected by the social economic challenges the country is sailing through.

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