Thought for Today: Sue and Jean were great friends, talking on the phone several times a day and getting together for coffee at least once a week.  Life was going well for both young professionals moving up in their careers.  They had so much to talk about, all the excitement of moving up in the corporate world as well as their hopes and dreams of finding a Mr. Right and settling down.  Their friendship continued to flourish until Jean became seriously ill and lost her job.  

It is easy to talk with someone and to understand where he or she is coming from when you share similar experiences, especially good ones.  Keeping within our comfort zone, we don’t mind knowing the soul of another as long as it is not messy.  Our human nature drives us to seek relationships that aren’t draining on our time and energy.  Once the relationship heads in that direction, we sadly tend to move on to something more comfortable.

As David writes in this verse, our Lord knows our soul in adversities.  He is not looking for a relationship with low maintenance, perfect people.  He wants to be intertwined in the messiness of our daily lives, all of it, the joy, the sorrow, the pain and the brokenness.  When I gaze upon the wreckage that I call my soul, I don’t know why He would choose to want to know me, in the midst of my struggles.  Yet, His perfect love sees beyond my pain, beyond my sin, beyond my past and sees His precious child.  How can we even fathom such love?  Yet, it is real and it is true.  As you go through struggles this day, may you embrace God’s love for you.  May you see that regardless of where you are at, in the deepest pit of despair or the darkest point of sin, He loves you and so wants to meet you where you are.

Heavenly Father, may we bask in the presence of Your love in all the parts of our lives, the good, the bad and the ugly.  For you, oh Lord, seek to know us, want to heal us and redeem us.  Thank You for Your unwavering love.  


Have  blessed Monday.

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