Police in tea growing district of Mulanje have arrested a medical worker identified as Spencer Chigwengwe for raping a 15-year-old girl.

Mulanje police public relations officer Gresham Ngwira confirmed of the development saying the young girl met the fate on Thursday.

According to Ngwira, on the time of the incident the girl was coming from a certain house where she was watching a movie.

While passing at Chigwegwe’s workplace, the suspect called the young girl and she accepted not knowing of the suspect’s evil plans.

Chigwegwe reportedly took the girl into his office where he raped her before telling her not to reveal of the ordeal to nobody.

Contrary to Chigwegwe’s order, the girl revealed to her mother what had happened on her way back and the mother took the matter to Namphungo police unit hence the arrest of the culprit.

Meanwhile, medical worker is being held in police custody as he waits to answer rape charges.

He hails from Kandulu village in senior chief Chikumbu in Mulanje.

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