The police have arrested four Mulli Brothers security guards in connection with the death of person at Chikale estate in Chiradzulu district during the weekend.

The suspects have been identified as Chifuniro Serepa, 22, Wilson Smart, 39, Starack Black, 42 and Mikeasi Paul, 27.

Chiradzulu Police Station publicist Yohane Tasowana said the guards are committed the crime on Sunday while on night patrol.

According to the police publicist, the arrest has been made after police received a tip from community that the guards at the stated estate have killed a person who was found cutting trees.

Tasowana explained that victim, whose particulars remain unknown, together with his seven colleagues, were found unlawfully cutting down trees in the estate and seven managed to escape.

“While patrolling they heard the cutting of a tree hence followed the sound. On arrival, they found eight criminals cutting trees but this didn’t please the criminals who started stoning them,” he said.

It is said that while the suspects started to run away, one guard managed to apprehend one of them but the guard was overpowered.

He called for help from fellow guards who came and assaulted the deceased with weapons like panga knives, shambles and hacksaws,” explained Taowana.

The deceased body, which had multiple cuts, is being kept at Chiradzulu District Hospital mortuary waiting for identification by relatives.

The suspects will appear before court to answer a charge of murder.


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