1) Low sperm count due to genetic factors, exposure to chemicals,radiation,hormonal disorders and injury to the groin area

2) Abnormalities due to inflammation of testicles, abnormally developed testicles and swollen veins in testicles.

3) Failure to release sperms due inflammation or poor development of vessels vesicles.

4) Producing sperms that can easily die and shape  of sperms that can not swim due to abnormal hormones.

5) Premature ejaculation (ejaculating just before sex), erection problems  and retrograde ejaculation (in which semen is pushed into the bladder) Treatment of infertility in men is based on assessing the history,physical examination of private parts, semen analysis and checking hormones in blood, if they are normal.

Semen analysis to check if you are producing enough sperms (sperm count), enough semen to carry sperms, shape of the sperms and motility (how sperms swim) is very important in fertility checks in men.

These can be done in some of hospitals in the country. Some causes of infertility are not known but when known treatments are indicated.

Treatments include hormonal therapies to help development of sperms and increase sperm count and production of healthy sperms.

Treatments to help a man if they have erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Problems due to genetic changes or or change in structure of testes and vesicles are difficult to treat.

Many herbal products are also available which are believed to increase sperm count.

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