By Robert Kumwenda

A veteran teacher by the name of Christopher Kudawache Mudiwa has hailed leader of opposition Umodzi Party (UP) Professor John Chisi for his vision.

Mudiwa said UP leader wants to bring development everywhere is the country by putting small companies in rural areas so that people should get jobs.

“Professor John Chisi want schools to be real schools and he also want the national broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to be independent and for everyone,” he said.

He said now teachers are being sidelined, their salaries are not increased and they are not promoted.

Chisi wants to see teachers welfare improve and be promoted and have ranks like police officers according to their hard work.

“The UP leader wants the police to be under government not ruling parties as it has been the case and they should work according to their profession,” he said.

The UP leader said they will create ownership to farmers so that money should come back through commercial farming.

He said the aim is to make sure that they produce from the land because Malawi has got a lot of land adding that they will diversify so that people should not only rely on maize.

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