Police in Chikwawa have urged the public to desist from linking crocodile attacks to witchcraft acts following the recent case of a 60-year-old man who was assaulted by angry mob accusing him of bewitching a boy who killed by a crocodile in Shire River.

an illustration picture of angry mob

Sina Ganifolo, a charcoal dealer was severely beaten by mob who accused him of casting a spell on Sandram Ganizani who died along banks of Shire River in Bwalo village, T/A Kasisi in the district.

Chikwawa police station public relations officer, Foster Benjamin said the boy met his fate as he was playing in an enclosed place meant for cattle drinking.

“Villagers rushed to the place and retrieved the lifeless boy from the shallow waters. The crocodile had already escaped,” said Benjamin.

Following that, the boy’s relatives and other villagers descended on Ganifolo suspecting him of having a hand in the death of the boy.

They heavily assaulted him leaving him helpless.

Minutes later, the victim set off for Chikwawa police station where he was issued with referral letter to the district’s hospital.

Meanwhile, police have strongly condemned these acts and have urged the public from linking crocodile attacks to witchcraft.



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