President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has appointed Reverend Daniel Gunya as new Board Chairman of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) replacing Reverend Billy Gama.

Many have viewed Gunya’s appointment as a reward for joining the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Gunya joined the ruling DPP together with veteran political prostitute Brown Mpinganjira, former Minister of Finance Dr. Ken Lipenga and former Minister of Justice Henry Phoya.

In a related development, Mutharika has appointed DPP governor for Eastern Region Julius Paipi as as member for The Higher Education Student Loans and Grants Board.

Recently Paipi made headlines when he insulted the Muslims in the country.

Paipi is alleged to have urged Malawians not to vote for Muslim in the forthcoming 2019 polls, saying Muslims are violent.

The remarks attracted strong condemnation from all corners forcing Paipi to apologize.

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