Mchinji Police on Sunday arrested two men, a Malawian and a Zambian in connection with trafficking of four people to Zambia.

Mchinji Police Spokesperson, Kaitano Lubrino said police acted on a tip from well wishers and rescued the four who were in Mchinji on the way to Zambia to work.

the suspects

He said Police arrested 34 year old Malawian, Mateyu Mnyowe who was facilitating travel arrangements of the victims, all from Lilongwe.

“In the course of our investigations, we found out that Mnyowe was a middle man in the whole process and he had an accomplice, a Zambian national, Nason Phiri, 42, who was also arrested,” he said.

The two suspects will soon appear before the court to answer charges of trafficking in persons contrary to Section 14 (1) of the Trafficking in Persons Act while the Zambian national will also answer an additional charge of illegal entry once investigations are concluded.

Recently, Mchinji Police rescued 21 victims of human trafficking, who were on their way to Zambia and one person was arrested.

Incidences of human trafficking are on the increase in Mchinji District as more Malawians are promised lucrative jobs in Zambia but end up being exploited and dumped by their employers.

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