Malawians have criticized the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) for posting a photo of A30 Chiverton Cross to Carland Cross road, west Cornwall, England, clamming to be the status of Mzuzu Dual Carriage way.

On Thursday, MBC posted an update on the progress of the construction work of the 1.3 kilometer dual carriage way from Mzuzu High Court Roundabout to Shoprite Roundabout with a photo of dual carriage way in England.

The aim of the photo was to hoodwink Malawians especially those from the north to vote for President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in the forthcoming 2019 polls without knowing that this will backfire in the end.

Many people started share the photo on Facebook and WhatsApp after realizing that the picture is of a road in England.

Progress of Mzuzu Highway

Writing on his official facebook page one of the social commentators Onjezani Kenani said: “MBC has downloaded a picture on Google and is calling it a road that is under construction in Mzuzu. The truth is this is the A30 Chiverton Cross to Carland Cross road, west Cornwall, England. The evil that men do..”

Concurring with Kenani’s remarks Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka said: “Musadabwe! Paja abwana anati atibweretsera Europe. That’s how the promise is being delivered.”

On his part Louis Malukula wrote: “At first when I saw it, I told wife that it’s a high time we need to back home. We can’t stay in a foreign land when our country has developed to this level. This is European standard, just to find out Google constructed this Gost road in Mzuzu… 😂 😂 Ayaya.”

Meanwhile MBC has retracted the post following criticisms from Malawians.

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