Police in Mchinji have arrested a 49-year-old man for trying to win a land by means of magical intimidation where by he mounted two graves and elected Rest in Peace (R.I.P) crosses on the land in a bid to scare his opponent.

Mchinji police spokesperson, Kaitano Lubrino has identified the suspect as Pontino Mbewe.

According to Lubrino,  Maria Jere (52) who hails from Tsumba village in the area of traditional authority Mlonyeni in Mchinji reported to the police after she and other villagers noticed Mbewe parading within the village whilst naked.

It is alleged that he (the suspect) staged this dramatic and disgraceful act broad daylight on Tuesday, August 19 2018 prior to election of the graves.

Later in the afternoon, Mbewe went on to the place where both the two parties are challenging each other on its ownership while chanting magical and intimidating songs.

At around 1600 hours, he mounted two graves where he claims the boundaries of garden should be and elected one rest in peace cross at each grave.

Mbewe was later arrested on August 21 2018 and when the police visited the scene together with the villagers it was discovered that Mbewe also used some lots and charms which were placed underneath the crosses.

Preliminarily, the suspect has admitted the charges of intimidation despite having a confession that he did this only to scare his opponent and he declared that the charm had no ritual powers at all.

Mbewe who hails from Tsumba Village T/A Mlonyeni in Mchinji will appear before court soon to answer both cases of intimidation and conduct likely to cause breach of peace which is contrary to sections 181 & 182 of the penal code respectively once investigations are over.


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