Two Nigerians were arrested yesterday in in possession of illegal drugs. The arrest occurred on August 30, 2018 at Mississippi Lodge, Mtandire Location.

Police A/Supt Christopher Kasalika, The Officer in Charge of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Unit of National Police Headquarters reports in the above case against Collins Okoligwe Amaecha of 30years, from IMO State, Nigeria and Kingsley Olisa of 25years, from IMO State, Nigeria who has been found with illicit drugs suspected to be Apomorphine at their room where they booked at the said Lodge.

Information from police  indicates that the police officer and team received a tip from informers that the said two suspects are the major supplier of of illicit drugs in Area 47 and they don’t have a residential area but spend nights in lodges.

This comes amid worries of our girls and boys being used by drug lords, another one lost her life in India last month and another lost his life in Brazil, and just three days ago another young lady was arrested in China a country where drug dealers are killed.

Upon following the information police managed to locate their dwelling place at the said Lodge and managed to arrest them and seizure of the above stated drugs. Soon will appear before court after examinations.

Source:  GCK Cameras

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